• Have mats both inside and outside external doors to trap grit and remove moisture from shoes.
  • Use felt pads on all furniture
  • Avoid dragging furniture, if possible lift off the floor
  • Avoid indentations on the floor. Common causes of indentations are stiletto heels and pet claws
  • Under desk chairs that have castors fitted we recommend the use of a protective floor mat to prevent damage to the floor.
  • Be aware that allowing the floor finish to wear too far may mean the floor has to be sanded back to bare timber and re-finished. It is best to renew the surface by recoating before this point is reached to avoid unnecessary cost and inconvenience.
  • Floors exposed to direct sunlight should be protected by window coverings such as curtains or blinds as the finish will undergo an aging process by reacting with light and gradually darkening with age.